New arrivals | Breathe Easy: XIFEI Air Purifier and Humidifier 2-in-1

In the realm of home wellness, innovation takes center stage with the XIFEI Air Purifier and Humidifier 2-in-1. This revolutionary device seamlessly merges the functions of an air purifier and a humidifier, providing a holistic solution to enhance your home environment. Let's delve into the features that make this cutting-edge device a game-changer in the world of indoor air quality.

🍀 Revolutionary 2-in-1 Design:

Prepare to witness a paradigm shift in air purification and humidity control with our innovative 2-in-1 device. Serving as the cornerstone of this device, the air purifier employs a highly efficient HEPA filter to eliminate airborne particles, including cigarette smoke, cigar odors, and more. Positioned alongside is the humidifier, ensuring consistent humidity balance to alleviate congestion and dry skin issues. Together, they offer a comprehensive solution to elevate the air quality in your home.

🍀 Air Purifier Tailored for Cigar Aficionados:

Designed with cigar enthusiasts in mind, our advanced air purifier features a 3-stage filtration system comprising a prefilter, ClO2 filter, and H14 HEPA filter. The prefilter captures large particles, while the ClO2 filter targets smoke and odors, continuously breaking down airborne contaminants. With a HEPA filter capable of reaching up to 12 meters, it eliminates up to 99% of dust and smoke particles. Equipped with 8 built-in fans, it delivers robust suction power, swiftly filtering various particles, including smoke.

🍀 Highly Efficient Performance:

Experience unparalleled performance with our HEPA air purifier, boasting 4 adjustable fan speeds to cater to your specific needs. Higher wind speeds ensure rapid purification, while the smart mode adjusts fan speed automatically based on current air quality. The timer mode allows for convenient operation during sleep or absence, ranging from 1 to 8 hours. With a CADR exceeding 870 (m³/h), it's suitable for large rooms up to 1000 ft², refreshing the air every hour and promoting better health.

🍀 Ultra-Quiet Operation & Sleep Mode:

Enjoy peace and tranquility with our air cleaner, operating quietly with noise levels as low as 35dB and a maximum not exceeding 68dB. The sleep mode enhances your relaxation by turning off screen lights after 30 seconds, reducing fan speed to the lowest setting, and activating the negative ion function to minimize noticeable sound. Now, you can indulge in your favorite cigars while benefiting from effective purification without disruptions.

🍀 Integrated Air Humidifier:

Enhance your indoor environment with our smoke purifier's built-in humidifier, utilizing cold mist technology to atomize water into ultra-fine mist, maintaining optimal humidity levels for a soothing ambiance. Infuse your space with your preferred essential oils to elevate your smoking experience. Additionally, the humidifier releases 10 million negative ions and fresh air, effectively purifying the air during operation.

🍀 Intelligent Control:

Effortlessly manage your air cleaner via the smart APP, remote control, or touch control. Real-time air quality monitoring is facilitated by the built-in air sensor, with results displayed on the screen. In smart mode, the screen shifts colors to indicate air quality levels, prompting the fan to adjust speed accordingly for faster purification, making it ideal for smoking environments. (Note: Supports only 2.4G WiFi)

🍀 Exceptional Details:

Our home air purifiers are designed with user convenience and safety in mind. A locking function prevents accidental touches, while the large display provides essential information about air quality, humidity levels, filter replacement time, and more. The device also includes a storage compartment for the remote control, ensuring easy access whenever needed. It's truly an ideal gift for cigar enthusiasts looking to enhance their indoor air quality.

🍀 Use with Confidence:

Rest assured knowing that our smoke purifier includes a built-in purification light that automatically cleanses particles trapped on the filter screen during operation, safeguarding your health. The package includes replacement accessories for your convenience, ensuring optimal performance throughout. With everything you need included, including the air purifier, prefilters, ClO2 filters, HEPA filter, remote control, power supply, user manual, and CR2032 battery, you're ready to experience the ultimate indoor air quality solution.

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